Where Work is Learning

Our approach: weaving learning into work to sustain a culture of continuous development and growth.

Reading, Listening, Observing, Doing

Learning is an active process. Whether delivered by a facilitator or technology, it should engage your mind both emotionally and cognitively.

Assessing for Learning

We believe that assessing your strengths and challenges produces better outcomes. Testing produces scores -- not learning. Assessing produces learning not just a score.

Technology Supported

Learning technology should offer multiple opportunities for learning -- when you need it and as you need it. Technology is not the driver, only a passenger on the your learning bus.

Become a Catalyst

As a catalyst, you want to focus on strategies that grow your career in a complex work environment. You can begin by improving your learning skills to manage your own learning to become that catalyst.
Do you have the right skills to do that?

What makes workplace learning and professional development work?

Professional development is a unique opportunity for each of us, regardless of our career goals. Consider each of the four areas of potential growth and engagement.

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  • Your Professional Effectiveness
    Professional effectiveness includes the expertise required to function effectively in your job, organization or career. It includes such topics belonging to a team, planning or communication.
  • Your Career
    Career growth involves investigating and improving those skills that not only support you in today’s job but tomorrow’s future.
  • Your Organization

    Key to your effectiveness and increasing your expertise includes recognizing the knowledge you need about your organization.

  • Your Industry

    Industry knowledge and skills involves so much more than a certificate or degree. It includes understanding the impact of the industry as well as its interactions with others.



Defining Our Future

We believe in cultivating  your learning skills. This adventure involves the release of a learning experience designed to improve learning skills in a complex, unstructured workplace learning environment.

We believe in technology-supported learning. The learner is the driver — not the technology — guided by the work, a coach or a manager.

We believe in active learning. This means setting goals, managing time, allocating resources, and practicing. Practicing is learning because it allows us to make mistakes and learn from those mistakes. Technology can help us to do that.

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