Every user has different privacy and security settings to protect personal and business assets. Everything may work perfectly for you. If you have problems with the smooth operation of Talent Builders Network, here are some things you can do to resolve them.

Tips to make Talent Builders Network work best for you:
Please use any browser but Internet Explorer as Talent Builders Network may not work properly. Other browsers you can use include Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge Chromium, or Mozilla Firefox.

Opening videos
Many of the videos in the Teams Challenge will open in a new tab. To be sure you can properly view those videos:

  1. Set your browser to allow links to open another site, or redirect to another sites, or open in a new tab. Here’s how you can do that in these desktop browsers. Mobile versions of these browsers have similar settings. Here’s how to do it on your desktop:
    • Apple Safari – Click the Safari button > Preferences > Websites > PopUp Windows > Block and Notify or Allow
    • Google Chrome Users– Options menu > Settings > Privacy and Security > Popups and redirects > Allow > www.talentbuildersnetwork.com
    • Microsoft Edge Chromium Users (new Edge)– Options > Settings > Site Permissions > Popups and redirects (drop-down) > Allow > Add > www.talentbuildersnetwork.com
    • Mozilla Firefox Users– Go to the Hamburger Menu on the top right of the menu bar, then > Options >Privacy and Security > Browser Privacy > Permissions > Block pop-up windows > Allow > talentbuildersnetwork.com

Viewing progress tracker or learning interactions:
Sometimes privacy or ad blocking extensions prevent Talent Builders Network from fully functioning. Here are a few things you can do to make it work better:

  1. Turn off any extensions used for tracking or ad and script blocking (i.e., AdBlock, NoScript, uBlock, SpyBot, Privacy Badger, Ghostery, etc.) or allow Talent Builders Network as a safe site.
  2. If you still have problems, go to your browser and follow these directions:
    • Apple Safari – Click Safari > Preferences > Uncheck Cross Site Tracking. (turn it back on when you finish your work on Talent Builders Network.
    • Google Chrome – Click the lock icon on the menu bar > Site Settings (represented by a cog icon) > Permissions > Pop-ups and redirects > Allow
    • Microsoft Edge Chromium – Click the lock icon on the menu bar > Site Permissions > Pop-ups and redirects > Allow
    • Mozilla Firefox – Click the shield icon on the menu bar and turn off Enhanced Tracking Protection
  3. Image too small? Click the image to zoom in, then click again or use the Esc key to return to original size
  4. Can’t see the full text and image in an activity, or anything below the activity you just completed?
    • Scroll or arrow down or
    • Change your browser or display zoom to a lower level to see more on screen
  5. Sometimes you’ve tried everything but there’s something that just won’t work. Clearing your browser’s history and/or cache may do the trick. For desktop users,
    • Apple Safari – Click History > Clear History . . .
    • Google Chrome – Click the Options menu (represented by three vertical dots) > History > History > Clear Browsing Data
    • Mozilla Firefox– Click the hamburger menu (represented by three horizontal lines) > Library > History > Clear Recent History
    • Microsoft Edge Chromium – Options … > History > Clear Recent Browsing Data