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The following list should include of each your enrolled and completed courses in the Cultivating Learning Skills Curriculum .

Cultivating Learning Skills Fundamentals


CLS 3: Discovering Learning in the Workplace

In this 90 minute task, consider yourself an explorer. Just as a space explorer examines a different world and compares it to their own, you explore workplace learning with its similarities, its differences, and alternate uses of learning strategies to navigate this environment.


CLS 2: Measuring Your Learning Skills

Have you ever considered measuring your learning skills for the workplace? In this 30 minute personal assessment, you do just that so that you can reflect on your professional strengths and weaknesses.


CLS 1: Introducing Cultivating Learning Skills

Improving your learning skills begins with a blueprint. In this 30 minute task, you look at how the features of this learning experience come together to offer you a solid foundation for your future job and career growth.


CLS 4: Applying Your Learning Skills

This final task gives you the opportunity to practice and reflect, practice and reflect, practice and reflect. It is a great opportunity to apply what you've learning in the previous courses, get feedback, and collaborate with colleagues.

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